Labor & Delivery

The birth of your child is a sacred and blessed event. Your dreams and wishes should be honored. You should be surrounded by as few or as many people as you desire with you. The Father, Your children, your Mother, sister, best friend… in all things the choice is yours.


During labor, your care is custom fit for you. As different as every woman is and as different as every labor can be; so is the care and support you receive. Some women want us there early and some don’t want us until later in their labors. Some women need and want hands on support and some want us to fade into the background only emerging to quietly assess both Mom and baby when needed, quickly fading away again. We are here to offer suggestions, give physical and emotional support to you in the way that you desire. Most importantly, we are here to help you achieve the birth that you want.


When the time comes for the birth of your child, providing that the baby is not in any distress, a slow and gentle birth is always the goal. Mother, Father or both may catch the baby. I have even knelt next to a Great-Grandmother catching her first Great Grandchild.

The clinical role during labor and delivery includes:

  • Monitoring the baby's well-being by intermittently monitoring fetal heart tones.
  • Monitoring Maternal vital signs.
  • Assessment of the progression of labor.
  • “Catching” your baby or giving assistance so that you or someone of your choosing may “catch” your baby.
  • Consultation with a physician as needed.
  • Transport and transfer of care to a hospital and physician as needed.