Waterbirth is a wonderful option for mothers. Even if a client does not want a waterbirth, I still encourage my clients to consider purchasing or renting a pool. This allows the mother the option of laboring in the water. I have had many mothers remark that even though they had epidurals with previous births, they would not want to do it any other way than in the water. The water made the labor much easier to cope with and allowed them to be physically aware during the labor and birth.

  • Waterbirth is one of the best methods of pain relief during labor.
  • Being submerged in water reduces gravity which allows the mother to move very easily.
  • Being submerged increases venous return which helps reduce swelling.
  • Being able to relax in the water can help tremendously in reducing high blood pressure.
  • Many mothers are able to nap in the water thus conserving energy.
  • The warm water is thought to increase blood flow to the perineal tissue allowing the perineum to stretch much better thus minimizing the chances of tearing.
  • Some mother’s actually relax so much in the water that they deliver their baby’s much faster.